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Let me love you

الاثنين، 23 يناير 2017
Let me
Pray at the altar of your eyes
I pass the night of far away cities
to protect, with your eyes, my face.
Let me undress
from my sadness, from my subjugation, from my pain,
to medicate, with you, my old wounds.
And awaken the dream of years,
this is the time for visions to explode,
and is the time of new revelation.
Let me place my head on your shoulder
to drop the fears of my life over your chest,
I am scattering to fragments.
Let me write, with your tears, my moments.
Let me be you.

To open all your notebooks,
and practice the madness of heart,
and traverse, together, the frame of time and the limits of place.
Let me escape from the remnants of bleeding stabs in my heart.
Tear up my ache, my hesitation, my fear, my worry.
I have gotten tired from knitting patience,
alone, every night.
So let your voice breaks into the dreariness,
 inside of me, my remnants, all of me.
Inside the heart, there is a sigh
declaring rebellion.
Share,with me, the delirium.
Let me spell the alphabet
of passion.
Let the female inside of me be amused,
and we fly on the wings of madness,
emigrate like a couple of a fond seagulls,
enough of walking against the current.
I need a rational beat,
able to comprehend myfrivolity,
my rebellion, my madness,
able to endure all my foolishness,
and all the seasons and the fall of rain,

are renewed in you and with you.
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